Car Accident – What You Must Know

Woodland Hills Car Accident LawyerVictims at a loss due to a car accident often turn to a Woodland Hills car accident lawyer from Barry P. Goldberg, APLC to receive legal guidance and representation in court. We have been assisting people just like you for more than 30 years handling personal injury claims. We take pride in our ability to offer legal counsel and support during a time of frustration and emotional turbulence.

Each Woodland Hills car accident lawyer from our firm understands how complex a car accident case can be. No matter your level of severity, an accident can cause immense distress, physical pain, and great financial loss.

By choosing a Woodland Hills car accident lawyer from Barry P. Goldberg, APLC, we can work alongside you for every legal process. Whether you need help filing the initial car accident claim, are having trouble communicating with your insurance company or need someone to speak on your behalf in court. We can fight for you.

Common Car Accidents and Damages

1) Rear Impact

This can result in an injury that is not noticeable initially; such as joint damage, slight disc displacement, and vertebrae/neck ligament harm. This is due to a rapid jerking of your neck forward or backward in response to the impact.

2) T-Bone Collision

This is when a collision happens on the side, and one car crashes or broadsides the other. Car and body damage to those occupying vehicles may be much more severe depending on whether the airbags or other features of safety worked properly.

3) Single Car

When a car crashes into something other than a vehicle possibly due to driver mistake or a mechanical failure. Can include collision, rollover, or stalled vehicle are some examples.

4) Sideswipe

When cars that are aligned parallel on the road bump against the other. Damages can vary from minor car scratches to dents or the need for body work (particularly when one or two cars have spun out of control or impacted with another object in the process).

5) Head-On

The most dangerous and deadliest type of accident. Impact of both cars hitting front to front can happen when they are driving in opposite directions with no road median or on an undivided highway.

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