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Prior Similar Incidents

As part of a routine accident investigation, a personal injury lawyer will want to investigate whether there have been prior similar incidents resulting in personal injury or wrongful death.  “Prior similar incidents” refers to negligent acts by the same company or individual that caused injury to another person under the same or similar circumstances as…


Reasons to Consider a Trust

A living trust contains your assets and holds them for your beneficiaries until the time of your death. When you die, then your trust’s assets will be transferred to the beneficiaries of your choice. Now, a living trust can be changed at any time. This means you can update it with every life change. Here…


Can I make a claim if I or a loved one was involved in an accident where a Jeep Liberty caught fire if I had a trailer hitch recall performed? 

Car Accident Lawyer As most Jeep Liberty owners know, a design flaw in the 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty threatens the lives of drivers and passengers who are involved in rear-end accidents. The gas tank placement creates a serious risk that the Liberty will explode or catch on fire during a rear-end collision. According to Automotive News,…