Car Accident Law Firm Woodland Hills, CA Discusses Car Accident Causes

Car Accident Law Firm Woodland Hills, CAThere are several circumstances that can cause a car accident. Even if you are a diligent and careful driver, not everyone on the road may be paying close attention. Accidents will always happen no matter how much you try to prepare and avoid something from going wrong. When an accident does occur you want to be prepared for the next step. At Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation, we can help you receive proper compensation, medical coverage and personal damage reimbursement for a car accident you have been involved in.

There are several different causes of car accidents and we have worked with them all. Below is a list of the most common reasons for car accidents drivers experience that our car accident law firm has handled.

Distracted Driving

Drivers that divert their attention from the road are the top cause for car accidents in the U.S. today. Our experienced car accident attorneys from Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation have helped handle cases that were caused by a driver’s discretion or negligence. Common distractions that drivers experience may include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Talking on their cell phone
  • Trying to grab a moving object inside the car while driving
  • Being distracted by an object or event outside the vehicle
  • Reading a book
  • Eating food
  • Applying makeup

Events can happen very quickly while driving and your full attention needs to be given to the road. When a driver becomes negligent and removes their focus from the road they are risking other people’s lives on the road. If you have been injured because another driver failed to keep their awareness on the road, then consider contacting our Woodland Hills, CA car accident law firm today for a free consultation.


It is not uncommon to see drivers ignore the speed limit, sometimes people will drive 10, 20 or even 30 mph over the limit. This can be very dangerous and lead to serious car accidents. When driving at high speeds your reaction time becomes slower and you are not as likely to prevent an accident from occurring. A good technique to practice safe driving speed is utilizing the three-second rule – this involves keeping three seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you. This allows for reaction time if something were to occur.

Drunk Driving

Sadly, each year, thousands of injuries and deaths occur because of drunk driving. When drinking, your ability to function properly is hindered and can lead to dangerous results when operating a vehicle. All 50 states have a legal limit for a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08 or higher to be considered a DUI. If your BAC level measures .08 or higher, physical effects of intoxication begin to appear. At this level, reasoning, peripheral vision, distance viewing, reflexes, and glare become significant impairments to the driver and an accident is much more likely to occur.

Get The Right Help

Accidents will always occur and when the unfortunate happens, you should consider contacting Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation, a car accident law firm Woodland Hills, CA clients recommend. Since 1984, we have been dedicating to helping those that have been injured in a car accident by receiving the compensation they deserve.