Putting an End to Sexual Discrimination

Insight from a Sex Discrimination Lawyer Woodland Hills CA Offers

Sex Discrimination Lawyer Woodland Hills CAEach day, more and more people who have been sexually discriminated against find their voices and file complaints against the perpetrators. Sexual discrimination occurs when you are treated differently or unfairly because of your gender. Losing out on promotions to someone of the opposite of sex, despite a stellar work record and performance, is a common example of this.

Fighting sexual discrimination requires that victims feel safe enough to come forward and report their experience. For many sufferers, the wounds of discrimination can run deep, meaning that it can take a lot for someone to come forward and share their story. Many choose to hire a sex discrimination lawyer in Woodland Hills CA from Barry P. Goldberg to represent them and protect their rights.

Reporting Sexual Discrimination

There are a number of reasons why a victim may not immediately report sexual discrimination. They may delay it for months or even years, or never come forward. They may be in shock and disbelief; they may even fear that their employment could be further impacted if they report the behavior and suspicions. An attorney from Barry P. Goldberg in Woodland Hills CA can provide the victim with the legal support, and that in turn can offer them the strength they need. If this describes your circumstances, call us today to request a free consultation with Mr. Goldberg.

Recognizing the Signs of Sexual Discrimination

It can be challenging to protect your rights and self-advocate when you find yourself in a situation in which you have been discriminated against. That’s why working with a sex discrimination lawyer in Woodland Hills CA from Barry P. Goldberg can be so important. If the person who treated you unfairly was your superior, it may be difficult to come forward. For some, it may feel easier to just ignore the problem.

Sometimes, discrimination can be so subtle that you may have a difficult time deciphering whether or not you have been a victim. If you are looking for legal guidance, consulting a sex discrimination lawyer can be help determine if you have fallen victim to sexual discrimination. Here are common signs you may have been discriminated against:

  • Being excluded from gatherings or work meetings.
  • Not being offered the same opportunities as other employees of the opposite sex.
  • Not being offered the same opportunities because you are pregnant or have children.
  • Receiving pay unequal to that of someone of the opposite gender whose position, title, job duties, and other details are the same as yours.

Shifting Our Culture

Across the country, many companies have instituted programs that provide people with training regarding sexual discrimination. Despite this, the harsh reality is that sexual discrimination is still prevalent in today’s society. Ending sexual discrimination begins with those who have fallen victim to this type of abuse. When they come forward, others may feel empowered to do the same. By protecting your rights, you can help create a culture that no longer allows for people in power to abuse their power. Call Barry P. Goldberg, a sex discrimination lawyer in Woodland Hills CA, and request a free consultation to discover how he may be able to help you.