How Car Collisions Happen

Insight from an Auto Accident Lawyer Canoga Park CA Motorists Recommend

Auto Accident Lawyer Canoga Park CAEvery day, millions of people drive their vehicles for various reasons. Cars are used for traveling to work, go on vacation, run errands, go shopping, and more. Unfortunately, not all motorists drive safely when behind the wheel. If you are suffering from injuries due to the fault of a reckless driver, an auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park CA from Barry P. Goldberg can offer critical legal guidance. Our legal team understands the emotional, financial and physical damages you may be suffering as a result of the accident. We can help you take the necessary steps to seek financial retribution from the at-fault driver.

Types of Wrecks

Car accidents can happen in so many ways. As an an auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park CA, Barry P. Goldberg is familiar with the full range of car accident repercussions. Some collisions are minor with no injuries, while others may result in fatalities. The most common types of car wrecks include the following:

  • Head-On Impact. Most likely to result in deaths, victims commonly face severe brain injuries, facial disfigurement, spinal cord damage and crushed extremities.
  • Rear-End Collision. A crash from behind can cause whiplash, a broken nose, additional injuries to the face, and back injuries.
  • Side Smash. When passengers and the driver are impacted from the side of their vehicle, injuries can be life-threatening, including brain bleeding/swelling, organ damage, and fractures.
  • Rollover Crash. If a car rolls over onto its side, upside down, or spins, those inside the car can suffer from broken/smashed extremities, neck and spinal cord damage, brain trauma, and physical disfigurement.

Physical Injuries Explained

The range of physical injuries to driver and passengers can be endless. In minor crashes, victims may have only mild scrapes and bruises. In more serious collisions, victims may face life-changing injuries and conditions that require emergency care. The more serious the injury, the more costly to treat it, and the more necessary it may be to hire a skilled auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park CA like Barry P. Goldberg. Here we have categorized the most common physical injuries and the symptoms associated with them.

Traumatic Brain Injury: concussion, brain bleeding and swelling, confusion, disorientation, loss of memory or senses.
Neck/Back Injuries: herniated discs, neck sprain, whiplash, dislocated shoulder, object impalement, and lacerations.
Spinal Cord Damage: the spine and nearby nerves can become damaged, resulting in loss of motor skills or sensations.
Skin Burns: if the vehicle caught on fire or hazardous chemicals leaked, a victim can suffer from physical burns and scarring.
Fear and Trauma: a victim can sustain mental and emotional injuries including anxiety, depression, or newly formed avoidances associated with driving.

Obtain Compensation with the Help of an Attorney

Many people choose to contact an attorney after a serious car accident in which there are substantial financial and physical losses. To protect your rights, it may be necessary to have a legal professional by your side.

Talk to an Auto Accident Lawyer Canoga Park CA Drivers Turn to for Help

Please reach out to our firm immediately, as you may only have a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit if you so decide. Call our office to schedule a free consultation. An auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park CA like Barry P. Goldberg can review your case in detail and help you decide if legal action is the right choice for you.