Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Reseda, CA

When you are suffering from injuries that happened because of a motorcycle accident, it is time to speak with the trusted motorcycle accident lawyer Reseda, CA trusts from Barry P. Goldberg. One of the most devastating things that can happen to a client is getting into a motorcycle accident because if they survive, their injuries are severe. When someone has caused you to get into an accident on your motorcycle, we know you are seeking compensation for the negligence that occurred, potential property damage, and your injuries. If you would like to speak with our attorney about your accident, call our trusted team now. We want to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

How is my compensation amount determined? 

This is a great question and we know you may be wondering what you can get back after injuries from a motorcycle accident. There are typically two things that we will be looking into and pursuing with your motorcycle accident claim:

  • Who is responsible/liable for the accident occurring
  • What kind of losses did you suffer from because of the motorcycle accident

Liability. When it comes to liability, this means we want to know who was at fault for the accident. If you caused the accident to occur, we would not be able to pursue a claim with someone else. Similarly, it is possible for someone to hit you but not be liable because they may not have been acting in a way that is negligent. So, one of the most important factors we examine first is who caused the accident. Especially if someone was driving distracted, under the influence, or recklessly, this would be cause for stating they were liable for the accident. 

Damages. The next things we would look into are the damages you have suffered. This means we want to know the details of the kinds of injuries you are suffering from and if any property damage has occurred. For example, while you would be lucky to walk away from a motorcycle accident with a broken arm, the damages, in this case, would be significantly lower than if you lost a limb or were paralyzed. Additionally, our Reseda, California motorcycle accident lawyer knows that you can get more damages if property damage has occurred because of the accident. 

When you have been the victim in a motorcycle accident, you may have a long road of recovery ahead. For more information on what our motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda, California can do for you, please give the office of Barry P. Goldberg a call now.