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Help For Your Brain Injury After a Car Accident


If you have recently been involved in a car accident, an experienced car crash lawyer for Woodland Hills, CA understand the pains and problems that can quickly follow suit. Not only is your car likely damaged in some way, but you may be experiencing some injuries of your own. While getting a brain injury from a car accident can be fatal, it can also be one of the worst non-fatal injuries that a person can endure. The attorneys at Barry P. Goldberg have been in business for many years and understand the trauma that can happen to your brain after a car accident. You may only feel the physical pain of your injury, or you may experience symptoms that can lead to permanent disability. Regardless of the severity of your brain injury, it can change your life forever. To learn more about traumatic brain injuries after a car accident or to speak with a car crash lawyer serving Woodland Hills, CA, call Barry P. Goldberg today.


Types of Brain Injuries


Being involved in a car accident can lead to many types of injuries, whether it is a laceration, bruise, or even an amputation. However, a brain injury can cause severe and irreparable damage that might not even be noticed at first. A trusted Woodland Hills, CA car crash lawyer knows that an accident can cause a few types of traumatic brain injuries, including:

  •      Concussions
  •      Coup-Contrecoup
  •      Contusions, and
  •      Diffuse Axonal Injury


Concussions. Concussions are one of the most common types of brain injury that you can sustain. This happens when your brain is hit by a force or if there is a sudden movement. When this happened, your brain can move from side to side and hit your skull. This leads to damaged blood vessels and cranial nerves. While not all concussions are life-threatening, severe concussions can cause permanent brain damage.  Severe brain damage will require long term care, so it’s wise to team up with a compassionate car crash lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA, who will know to fight for the compensation you will need for long term care.


Coup-Contrecoup. These are contusions that are found on both sides of the brain. It happens when the object or force that hit the head causes damage to one side of the head and is strong enough to force your brain into the other side of your skulls.


Contusions. A contusion is a bruise (a form of bleeding) that happens on the brain causing it to swell, clot, or get less oxygen. This is usually caused by a severe impact to the head.


Diffuse Axonal Injury. This type of injury is when the nerves in your brain tear. As the accident occurs, the movement forces your skull to shift in different directions, and when the skull moves faster than the brain, tissues and nerves can tear, separating the skull and the brain. When this happens, the damage can be permanent or temporary brain damage or even a coma. In severe cases, it can even result in death.


Get the Right California Lawyer On Your Side

Recovering after a brain accident can be a long, sometimes unending journey, and you do not want to add legal stress to your uphill battle. Instead, discuss your injuries with a caring and compassionate attorney from Barry P. Goldberg today. A car crash lawyer at our firm in Woodland Hills, CA will listen to what happened and determine the best way to make a claim. To set up your appointment, call Barry P. Goldberg today!