Car Accident Lawyer Chatsworth, CA

Car Accident Lawyer Chatsworth, CA

If you have been involved in an accident involving a big truck, a car accident lawyer in Chatsworth, CA recommends not panicking and contacting an attorney at Barry P. Goldberg for help. The first few minutes, hours and days following an accident can be disorienting, so one of the best things you can do is seek the support you need. If you’re injured, stop what you’re doing and call for medical assistance – your health should be your number one priority.

If you’ve already received medical assistance, contact an experienced Chatsworth, California car accident lawyer from Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation to help preserve your legal options and protect your rights. You are likely feeling dazed and unsure of what to do next. Allow an experienced Chatsworth, CA car accident lawyer to help you make informed decisions moving forward.

What to Do in the Aftermath of an Accident Involving a Big Truck
While you’re waiting for an experienced Chatsworth car accident lawyer to arrive on scene, consider taking the following steps. If you’ve already done some of these steps, begin with whatever step is relevant to your specific situation:

  1. Evaluate your own well-being. If you have any reason to suspect you might be injured, immediately call 911. Sometimes the adrenaline rush makes it hard to tell if you are injured and some injuries don’t produce symptoms instantly, so always err on the safe side. Big truck accidents are more likely to cause serious injury, so you should be absolutely certain that you are completely unharmed if you are not going to call 911.
  2. If you are unharmed, evaluate the well-being of everyone else involved in the accident. If there are any signs of anyone being injured, immediately call 911.
  3. Once everyone’s safety has been confirmed, evaluate whether you can safely move your car off the road. If you have to cross traffic to do so, do not attempt it, and simply move yourself to the side of the road. Call 911 if any vehicles are blocking traffic. Now is a good time to contact a CA car accident lawyer in Chatsworth, and law enforcement as well.
  4. Exchange contact and insurance information with everyone involved in the accident. Do not discuss who is at fault at this time.
  5. Identify any potential witnesses and get their contact information as well.
  6. If you are able, take extensive notes and pictures of the accident, including what you were doing at the time (changing lanes, stopped at a red light, etc.), any damage to the vehicles, and the orientation of the vehicles.
  7. If you have not yet contacted law enforcement, contact the police non-emergency number to report the accident. Request that you receive an accident report and you will be given instructions on how to receive it. Depending on how busy the police are at the time, an officer may immediately come to assist with the accident.
  8. Speak with your Chatsworth, California car accident lawyer at Barry P. Goldberg about contacting your insurance provider.

Paying Medical Bills Resulting from Your Car Accident
If you’ve ever suffered significant injuries, you know how easily medical bills can weigh you down. The costs can pile up when you factor medications and other treatments, doctor’s office visits, hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation and more. If you file a claim with the insurance company about an accident that hurt you and wasn’t your fault, you should receive a settlement to cover these costs. While you wait for the insurance company to finalize your claim, medical providers will still want their money. You don’t want to ignore these obligations.

Paying the Bill
Whether an accident was your fault or someone else’s, doctors still want the money you owe them for the services they provided. When you go in for initial visits, you’ll likely have co-pays to take care of. If the doctor writes you a prescription, you’ll still have to pay the pharmacy for the drug. Bills for other treatments and procedures will still come, regardless of who was at fault. If you put these off and wait for the insurance settlement, the accounts will go to collections, which could add late fees and hurt your credit.

Getting Paid Back
To avoid these hassles and problems, you should pay these bills as soon as possible. It could take weeks or even months for insurance companies to settle your case. The wait could be especially long if you sue the other party. Instead, pay your medical bills. Once the insurance gives you a settlement, you’ll get reimbursed for the money you spent out of pocket. Of course, you may still not get a large enough settlement to cover everything you paid.

Refusing the Settlement
As your car accident lawyer in Chatsworth, CA may tell you, If you don’t believe your payout was fair, you have every right to reject it. This is where an experienced attorney from Barry P. Goldberg can come into the picture. We can carefully examine your case and determine whether your rights have been honored and whether you deserve a larger settlement.

Reducing the Bill
If there are still outstanding medical accounts after your case is over, you may be able to negotiate a lower payment. This is often part of the settlement process. Insurance companies generally want to avoid going to court. In car accident cases, your medical insurance and car insurance will both be involved in paying you for your injuries. During your personal injury case, never ignore medical bills. Even if you have to pay out of your pocket initially, your settlement should pay you back once your case is over.

Damages You Can Claim With Truck Accidents
Truck accidents can cause victims to suffer from serious injuries that, in some cases, they are never able to fully recover from. Especially when it comes to semi-truck accidents, you may find that your hospital bills are much greater than what they would be if you were in a car accident. The sheer size and weight of a semi-truck can cause you to have permanent disabilities that cause you to spend the rest of your life seeking pain medication or physical therapy for.

Because of the pain you go through in addition to the large medical bills, a car accident lawyer in Chatsworth wants you to know that we can help you with your truck accident lawsuit. In some cases, an insurance agent may seem more than willing to settle on a claim early on. While this may seem good, know that too often, it is too good to be true.

Why get the help of one of our attorneys?
As noted above, you may feel that you have a slam-dunk case. The truck driver may have clearly been at fault for the accident, you obviously suffered from injuries, and their insurance agents are more than willing to pay you a set amount of money. That said, our lawyers for car accidents in CA encourage you to always be skeptical when talking with insurance agents.

Especially when they are the at-fault party’s insurance company, they are only concerned about the numbers, not getting you the long-term care you need. We care about our individual clients and want to help get them the compensation they need that not only pays for medical bills but other types of loss as well.

The Economic Damages
When you are looking to receive economic damages after a truck accident, they are figured out because of certain losses that have a specific, calculable amount. Some of these include:

  • Your current and future medical expenses (even trips to the doctor and medication)
  • Potential expenses involving childcare while you recover
  • Any transportation costs you incur because of property damage
  • Job earning losses

Because of how specific the numbers can be for economic damages, you will need to provide a Chatsworth, CA car accident lawyer (and thus the court) with documents that provide exact numbers for your expenses.

Non-Economic Damages
Non-economic damages are harder to calculate because there is typically no one thing to look at to determine a price. Some of these could be:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress suffering

In rare cases, the court may determine that punitive damages should be awarded as well. This typically only occurs because of extreme circumstances and are awarded specifically to punish the at-fault party.

To see how a car accident lawyer in Chatsworth, California can help you with your lawsuit, contact Barry P. Goldberg more information.