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Expertise in Insurance Law

Most lawyers hate reading insurance policies. They are overly complex and are written in small print legalese. The Injury Law Professionals love insurance policies because 98% of all injury payments are made by insurance companies. We know and understand the "ins and outs" of insurance policies so we can stand toe to toe with the insurance company lawyers. We regularly provide insurance coverage analysis for business lawyers and other personal injury lawyers!

Why is this important? The insurance companies have two sets of lawyers--- one lawyer to deny or limit coverage and another lawyer defeat the claim. Because we have a unique expertise in insurance law, The Injury Law Professionals have a distinct advantage over the average personal injury law firm.

Automobile Insurance

Not all auto insurance policies are the same. Some have different definitions of who are insured and varying limits for permissive use. Insurance expert Barry P. Goldberg understands these differences and promptly identifies every available source of insurance, including our clients' own medical payments coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. Most clients do not realize that their own insurance may cover them when they are passengers in someone else's car or when they are injured in an auto versus pedestrian accident. By comparing the available third-party limits, to the uninsured motorist limits, we often execute a strategy to obtain a prompt third-party settlement and, at the same time, pursue "underinsurance" limits.

Homeowners Insurance

If a person owns a home, he or she probably has a large liability policy associated with that policy---not just fire insurance. That liability policy covers accident victims injured as a result of that homeowner's negligence. The Injury Law Professionals know how to successfully access that liability insurance policy for its clients when they are injured in slip & fall accidents, trip & fall accidents, assault cases, swimming pool accidents, and other non-auto related situations.

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Most businesses have a Commercial General Liability insurance policy (CGL) which potentially covers most liability circumstances arising from their business. CGL policies come in all shapes and sizes, from a claim made policy to a "burning limits" policy. Each policy has unique exclusions, endorsements and coverages. The Injury Law Professionals know how to read, interpret and argue these policies so our clients have the best chances of receiving maximum compensation.

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