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Traffic Accidents Require a Professional Approach

Many drivers assume that being involved in a traffic collision is no big deal. Then, questions arise concerning property damage repairs, rental cars, police reports, debilitating injuries, missed work and complex insurance paperwork. The Injury Law Professionals located in Woodland Hills can answer those questions and take care of everything so their clients can concentrate on getting better, getting back on the road and getting back to work.

The Injury Law Professionals take immediate steps to investigate the causes of the accident and accurately document the collision facts with photographs of property damage and injuries. Reporting the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles, submitting proper claim forms, communicating with the insurance companies and balancing the various insurance coverages can be frustrating. We put our experience to work right from the start, so our clients will not have to worry. We often hire accident reconstruction experts early in the process to clearly establish favorable liability for our clients.

Accident victims need prompt professional medical care. We work closely with doctors throughout Southern California to make certain that our clients receive the medical care they want and deserve-even if our client does not have health insurance.

After years of experience, The Injury Law Professionals can provide sound advice whether to submit a claim through a client's own insurer, the third party insurer, the health insurer or some or all of the foregoing. Many attorneys do not understand how to maximize recovery to their clients by utilizing the right combination of first party and third-party insurances. Barry P. Goldberg is the "go to" attorney for Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist cases. By fighting for every last dollar for medical care, property damage, car rental, and general damages, the net recovery to the client can be greatly increased.

Many other personal injury law firms are confounded by Medicare liens and health insurer subrogation liens. Frankly, they give in and pay-off the health insurers to the detriment of their clients. Those firms won't fight because they have already been paid and are moving on to the next case. The Injury Law Professionals are personal injury attorneys that have a remarkable track record of fighting and successfully reducing health insurance liens no matter how long it takes. It is not uncommon for our clients to receive additional money months after other firms would have given up the fight. Again, this increases our clients' bottom line net recovery. That's why our clients are satisfied and are eager to refer their friends and families.

Although we are extremely aggressive advocates, the insurers appreciate our knowledge, accuracy and thoroughness. This often results in prompt and more substantial settlements for our clients. While many cases never proceed to litigation, Barry P. Goldberg is a personal injury attorney who will file suit if necessary when faced with low-ball offers or endless stonewalling by the insurance companies. The insurers know who will and who will not fight for their clients--- the size of the settlement offers reflect this fact.

Call Mr. Goldberg today at (818) 222-6994 for a free consultation.

San Fernando Valley Car Accidents

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